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Reliance to take on Amazon and whole e-commerce in India

Reliance is ready to start their e-commerce business in India and their plans are huge.

One media report said that operations would be launched in April-May of this year.

Reliance has a good history of disrupting the industries.

We all know about the boom and introduction of mobile phones in India and then internet by JIO.

The thing to watch now is, how reliance will be using its offline retail sector with its online e-commerce, clubbed with Jio users.

Jio has 280 million subscribers while Reliance Retail reportedly has over 10,000 points of sale.

In addition, the company reportedly plans to use the lakhs of shops that sell Jio connections to fulfil orders in small towns.

These moves by big players are making Indian e-commerce a promising industry, and will boost job market as well.

More channels for Indian Retailers

It's an opportunity for the offline retailers to sell online on e-commerce platforms to grow their sales and customer base. Benefit to any store owner is, that they do not have to worry about creating their website or worry about advertising or delivery systems.

Companies like Amazon and Flipkart gives you complete support and systems to sell and deliver products to new customers.

Key to sell online is to understand the pricing models and charges of these e-commerce platforms. If one is able to understand costing well, then off course, they can understand their profits as well.

Another key to sell online is to think in numbers, as it is not about few orders per day.

If you plan to sell online, then think about how you can get hundreds of orders from all over India.

Ecommerce trainings.

If you are new to online world, these companies are also providing trainings like ATES ( Amazon trained e-commerce specialist) as well.

You can learn everything about Amazon e-commerce platforms, about their pricing models, delivery systems, running sponsored ads within Amazon, return, refunds, packing etc.

If you understand one e-commerce platforms, then you can easily sell on other platforms as well like Flipkart, eBay and upcoming reliance e-commerce as well. More or less every platform works on similar fundamentals.

So the stage is all set for Indian online market, all one has to do is to upgrade their skills and knowledge to sell online.




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