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How to create digital marketing resume that stands out from competition?

Creating a digital marketing resume that gets shortlisted faster can be a tough task. Especially if you are not from digital marketing industry or you are a fresher looking to start your career.

This industry works little different than the other ones.

So there are few parameters you need to be aware of before applying for the job in Digital Marketing.

Here are some points or sections you should consider putting on your resume, to make it stand apart from competition.

1. Mission/ Objective statement - Very first thing that can turn off your employer is by seeing a copied mission statement. Lot of freshers tends to copy their entire resume from their friends or from the internet.

Never write what you are seeking in the organisation or what kind of place or environment you expect.

Remember you are about to market yourself for the right job.

So write something that can grab the ATTENTION of the employer.

Write down your USP or Unique selling preposition.

For example when you do digital marketing course from IElevate you get exclusive Amazon certification and you become 'Amazon trained e-commerce specialist'.

Example of what you should NOT write:

"Digital marketing expert looking for an opportunity to work with a growing company where I can grow my skills & career and use my ability to highest standard."

You should always write what you can do for the company and focus on who really are and on your skills.

So be authentic in your approach.

Here is an example of entry level resume.

Have a look at ABOUT ME section.

This is simple to the the point, shows that person does not have much experience and seeking a position as an intern. It also focuses on candidates ability and desire to learn more in dynamic environment.

You can also write something that focuses on your keen interest in Digital Marketing.

For example you can write:

"An enthusiastic digital marketing student and an 'Amazon trained E-commerce Specialist' looking for internship opportunity. Well versed with practical knowledge and concepts of SEO, SEM, SMM, lead generation & e-commerce. Having zeal to learn in goal oriented environment".

2. Competitive Skills: In this section you can write and elaborate about the core skills you have learnt.

For example:

  • Good with SEO, on page off page optimisation

  • Can perform website analysis and competitive analysis.

  • Well versed with Google ads, can create search, display, mobile ads, youtube campaigns, shopping ads.

  • Hands on practical experience with keyword research with Google keyword planner.

  • Can create converting lead generation pages.

  • Can efficiently run and create re-marketing campaigns in Google ads and social media.

  • Highly skilful in complete email marketing solutions and email automation.

  • Can set up and analyse website tracking through Google analytics.

  • Ability to handle social media pages and regularly curate content for social media postings.

  • Good with video editing skills and ad creations.

3. Projects - If you have created any website or have worked on any project or internship, here you can mention your project details like website address with key performance indicators (KPI's) and achievements. Employers are keen to understand how well you can perform, so this is the right way to showcase your talent and skills.

4. Digital Marketing Certifications - Related certifications will help in getting your CV shortlisted in HR rooms, as most of the HR's are looking for certain specialisations. You should showcase at least 6-7 major certifications of digital marketing Industry.

  • Google Search Certification

  • Google Display ads Certification

  • Google Shopping ads Certification

  • Google Mobile Ads Certification

  • Google Analytics Certification

  • Google Video Marketing Certification

  • Youtube Channel Growth Certification

  • Microsoft Bing ads Professional Certification

  • ATES - Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist

5. Experience - Here you need to start with your most recent profiles, elaborate more on your recent profiles and less on the older profiles. As you can expect more questions from the recent jobs responsibility.

If past experience is not related to digital marketing industry then do not elaborate much. Use bullet points to highlight key responsibility areas. Your resume should focus on digital marketing abilities and skills.

6. Education - Provide details about your education starting from highest to lowest. If you have some academic achievements that relates to current role then you can showcase them in your education section.

7. IT Skills - You also need to tell the tools you have experienced in your training or past work. For example tools like Microsoft Excel is a plus, as this will enhance your reporting abilities.

You can also write other digital marketing tools like.

  • Wordpress

  • Woo commerce

  • Google keyword planner

  • Uber suggest

  • SEM rush

  • Ahrefs

  • Moz

  • Smallseo tools

  • SEO Audit

  • LXR marketplace

  • Mail chimp

  • Filmora

  • Google Analytics

  • Buffer

8. Personal Details & Hobbies - At last you can write about your best contact details and location. Also if you are including hobbies, so only include ones which are related to the job role like to reading or writing blogs & articles, editing videos etc.

Do not write general hobbies like listening music, playing cricket, dancing etc.

After your hiring person is more concerned in knowing how you can be an asset for the company and how they can use your ability in their job roles.




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