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7 key points to start your online business.

We all have ideas and most of them come and go away.

Sometimes we are on too awesome creative levels that we don't want that perfect idea to go untouched. And we want to give it our best shot once.

How many times, have you think of starting a business of your own but somehow couldn't start?

The truth is, in today's online world, you can actually start and work on your idea part time from your home itself using these digital marketing platforms.

Checkout these vital points to start your dream work.

1. Create a Website for your product or service - Nowadays website creation is not a time taking procedure, you can create world class websites yourself that too without any technical knowledge. You can use platforms like WordPress or Wix, these are fast automated platforms, which can help you create your website within a day or two. You can create a website for generating leads or may be to show information about your business or if you want to create an eCommerce store to sell, that too is possible with automated platforms like Shopify & Ecwid.

You can save time and money, as the cost to create websites on these platforms are not that high.

2. Promote online from your home - Make use of social media and Google platforms to showcase your product or share value information with your prospective buyer online. Now the questions is, how do I find my prospective buyer? Online platforms are highly target platforms you can use. You can select audiences as per their interests, their age, gender, recent searches through text, image and video posts.

There are both paid and non paid options available on Social media. And you can start as low as with 100 INR. So there is no minimum spend limit required.

3. Remarketing - This is one of the most powerful tools available in online advertising. You can retarget people who visited your website before and show them tailored ads. For example someone visited your eCommerce store and added a product to cart but did not buy. You can show ads to such customers with custom discount message. This is a great way to understand your buyers journey as well.

4. Use Market places - You can also sell your product on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

These places already have your potential clients, who may be interested in what you offer. All you need to do is to create your account, adhere to policies and procedures, understand their pricing models, calculate your profit margin after deducting all the costs and start selling.

5. Email Marketing - It is a great tool to acquire new clients, do customer service, and showcase your new offers to existing customers as well. As per a survey, 80% B2B sales happens after a highly targeted email series communication. You can set your emailers on automated mode, to remind your customers about your brand.

6. Strategize and repeat - Find the best strategies that fits your business model, you do not need to do everything in the online world, but do the right things instead. Create a process and then repeat it to generate profits.

7. Calculate the right cost - There are lot of tools available for creating your online brand. Some of them are free and some them have a cost to it. Find the right platforms first before investing any money to it. Each platforms cost combined with other platforms or service cost can increase your overall expenditure.

If you are selling on marketplaces, calculate their service charges properly like referral fees, delivery fees, return and refund charges etc.




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