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6 Essentials To Build A Start Up Business

Passion is the guiding force of life, many passionate young individuals aspire to build their passions into a great business. We never know who is the next Google or Microsoft. In today's age you need these 6 essentials while you work hard to build your business.

1. Build your idea towards solving a problem. Whether its a product or a service if you have an idea, build your business around it, keeping in mind your customers, either you solve a problem or make life easy for your customer. Try to make some change in their life.

2. Have a great marketing plan to find your prospects. Think who can be your target customers and where you can find them, traditional ways have dried up, its online world, find the platforms which can give boost to your business and advertise through google, social media, emails and don't forget to play with the mix of display, text and video ads for optimum utilization.

3. Design a website for lead generation. Pay attention on details like how your customers would want to scroll your website. Having a good design is a good thing, but creating a website to achieve the overall objective is must. Create a website for lead generation and don't just emphasis on having a great design. Great businesses have the simplest and easiest navigation possible.​

4. Collaborate with others to grow your business. In the fast moving competitive world, to cut the competition collaborate with other businesses who can help you grow your business for example a taxi service can collaborate with hotels, advertise with channels, platform, agencies where you can find your targeted customers. 5. Have an energetic sales force Without a great sales team, it's a difficult road, no matter how great your online marketing plan is, if your sales people lack energy and the skills required in today's age then conversions can be an issue. 6. Follow 80/ 20 rule and retain your customers Customer retention is must if a business wants to sustain in the market. Capturing a customer is an expensive process and your 80% sales are going to come from 20% of your customers, have a plan to capitalize on your customers with some customer loyalty programs. Constantly send them email reminders on their birthday, occasional promotions and about industry awareness.

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