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4 Ways To Stay Super Focused - Video

In today’s fast changing world which is disrupting at much faster rate than ever, finding and maintaining your focus is one of the key factors in success of your career or business. Here are 4 vital points you can follow to make sure that you stay highly focused on your dreams.

1. Control your monkey brain – If you want to be successful then your first step is to be sure of your ‘what and why’. Be very specific in what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve. This ‘Why’ will give you the strength to carry on in your toughest times and ‘what’ will help you guide your brain towards your goal and then put a time limit to your goal so that it keeps you on your toes always. Write that goal in a diary with your hands and don’t type it on your computer or on your smart phone, anything that you write using your muscles, creates an immediate impact on your brain and it guides the brain towards that specific target. If you remind your brain about your goals everyday then it will work with all the learnings and experiences which are saved in your subconscious mind to process certain ideas for you or to solve the problems that you will face in your journey to your goals. So the first step is to have a clear, definite, written goal so that you control your monkey brain to jump from one topic to another without any purpose.

2. Stay away from distractions – Digital age has made our lives easy in many ways like the kind of technology we use and the information we want to gather. But it comes with huge amount of distractions as well. Social media which has become a part of lives, emails, what’s app, all these things are great tools if used properly but at the same time they are the source of high distractions, there are all sort of media being shared on social media platforms which can be entertaining but they are a time killer for you, people might want to check their facebook for 5 minutes and end up spending 20 minutes reading or watching stuff which is totally unproductive. Content marketers wants to grab your attention and you will find all kinds of cheesy content with great headlines which will make you click on a post and you will end up on a blog post spending and wasting your time. Anything which is not productive stay away from it, it can be any call, any message, any post, any headline any person, prioritize what is important first and you can always do those other none important stuff later.

3. Schedule your time – Have your day scheduled in advance, may be a night before, you should know the things what you are supposed to do tomorrow morning till evening or night which will help you achieve what you want in life, know your hours, write down your hourly schedule prioritizing the most important and difficult task first so that you utilize your most amount of energy in things that matters the most and then accordingly have other work scheduled as well. Take proper breaks, relax after every task and so that you can gain the energy to concentrate again. When we concentrate at a stretch on one task our body is most productive for first 20 minutes and then it might start to lose momentum, so it’s important to take proper breaks in between to stay focused.

Most importantly you should value your time, If you value your time the most, then others will follow, and time is a scarce resource, nobody is going to live forever, if average age is 75, then you need to understand how much time you have got left to live the kind of life you want. Just leave what has happened so far whatever you have achieved or not achieved, focus on the possibilities as to what is possible with your time left in your life and for sure anything and everything is possible in the world that we live in.

4. Stay healthy to gain energy – Only a healthy mind can work and concentrate to its full potential and healthy mind stays in a healthy body, you need lot of energy every day to beat the competition, to move, to think, to do your day to day job. It is highly important to stay healthy. Without staying healthy you cannot achieve anything properly. Exercise at least for 20 minutes a daily, eat well and sleep well gain the energy first and then utilize it on productive things every day. Keep your body and mind healthy.

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