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L'Oreal making an impact with Youtube Ads

L’Oréal is a household name, with a history of more than 100 years. Although they are a strong brand but they still believe in looking for new dimensions, always ready, even eager, to change.

Back in 2010, the company went all in on digital, and since then have moved very fast to transform themselves.

That has meant recruiting 2,000 digital experts, upskilling more than 21,000 employees, and putting data-driven marketing and precision advertising at the heart of what they do. As an example, digital constituted 38% of L’Oréal’s overall media spend in 2017 in comparison to 2014 when Lubomira Rochet - Their Global chief digital officer joined.

This investment is yielding results: More than 1 billion people visit L’Oréal sites and social pages every year. And e-commerce sales jumped by 34% in the first quarter of 2018 and now represent a significant share of our growth and sales.

Company have developed internal tools to monitor in each country, in real time, the performance of our campaigns and orient their investment where it makes more sense so they trust that their investments, whether in YouTube or elsewhere, gets results.

Prime-time TV was quite straightforward compared to the world Loreal market in today. It used to be that they relied on 30-second commercials, but now they produce 50X more content that lives as part of an ecosystem and engages people on different occasions.

The game won’t be the same when customers simply ask their voice assistant to buy the best mascara on the market for them.

In an interview with Google their Chief Digital Officer said . "At L’Oréal, we find that shorter can be very effective. Internally, we say today’s pitch is two seconds, and six seconds is the new long-form ad. That means sequence becomes important. Instead of delivering one 30-second video, we’ll use a succession of brief messages through sequencing, remarketing, or simple rotation. Each of these video ad units will be short and product-centric."




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