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How Easemytrip became 2400 crore company? – case study

Incredible success story of college kids – Nishant and Rikant Pitti

easemytrip case study

How it all started?

EaseMyTrip is the creation two determined youth who were keen to save on the journey of their family members in order to impress them. Founded in 2008, both founders were quite young, Nishant was in 1st year of college and Rikant was in high school that time. They ended up saving a certain amount that made them famous in the family as well as family friends. This is how they started making good pocket money by taking some commissions on booking flight tickets for them. They co-founded a travel agency and started booking air tickets and selling tour packages through various ground-breaking offline and online marketing strategies. Their uphill struggles and commitment took this agency towards constant growth. Later on, it was rebranded as

Easemy trip co founders

In an interview Rikant Pitti threw some light on some of the key factors that lead to their success.

The Objective

EaseMyTrip doesn’t believe in selling travel products/solutions but tries to create incredible memories. As a reliable travel player, we salute the spirit of travel and make every journey interesting and rich in experience.

The branding and marketing initiatives

EaseMyTrip is using different kinds of platforms for its branding and marketing. We are using several social media platforms like Facebook, Linked-in, Google+, Twitter and more for creating our brand awareness.

The customer acquisition We are also using Google Adwords to make our presence on different web pages of World Wide Web. These ads on Google have helped us in reaching to 80% of the individuals using internet for booking travel products & services.

Easemytrip currently generates over 80 thousand monthly bookings online through their AdWords ad campaigns both on search and display networks with a monthly budget of just over 1 crore a month. Achieving such figures online need lot of skills and highly optimized accounts. Easemytrip has an in house digital marketing department that takes care of all the online marketing activities.

Public relations (Reputation management) & Blogging Public relations play an important role in stimulating the public’s desire to travel by attracting them to buy/book different travel products. Beautifully written travel articles in magazines or newspapers by PR practitioners indirectly affect the behavior of customers. Talking about a well-arranged trip or informing about any offer or discount on certain services appeals them and works for the publicity of travel portals like mine. More often than not, if travelers ask travel agents for guidance, PR professionals may advice. Public relations have helped us in planning new marketing strategies or notifying our new initiatives to our customers.

The ROI of PR activities PR has been beneficial for us, as it has increased our chances for growing as a more potential travel company of India. No matter, how good you or your products are, but recognition is only gained if they are properly advertised. PR works silently and you may think that return on investments is not coming from it but it helps you in getting identification. Our PR professionals have helped us through various activities and made us participated in many important media events. Therefore, we have become much popular by the time. However, giving exact figures of ROI in PR will be a difficult task.

Other means of online communication Sending mailers on their email-ids also work efficiently, we get mounting traffic on our website, and huge number of queries generate in our mailboxes.

Easemytrip story is definitely a result of both co-founder's excellent entrepreneurial skills and their foresight to target their customers both online and offline.


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