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You can only get phenomenal growth if the industry is itself growing at a phenomenal rate 


Good opportunities are needed for growth and promotions, if there are not enough opportunities, chances are very few people will reach the top. As per a study, only 7% people reach the top managerial positions before they reach 35 years of age.

Digital Marketing is the only industry which is booming at a 30% growth rate and has a high demand for people with the right skills.


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Start freelancing

Freelancing is one of the preferred ways to earn a part-time or full-time income, there are many business people looking for support services from digital marketing professionals.

With our AMAZON ATES training, you will have an upper hand as a professional.


You might come across clients who are willing to pay you a small amount for a small project let's say between 3000 to 5000 INR or you can get a regular monthly client who can pay you anywhere between 7000 to 25000 INR per month.

And depending upon your experience and profile you might win a big corporate client too, who can pay you in six figures.


Start a job

If you are looking for a career change then this industry can give you the right growth opportunities and good pay packages, but only when you gain the required skills and experience in this industry.


In initial stages, If you are not bothered about high pay packages then you can start fresh in this industry.

Otherwise it is recommended to start with some freelancing projects first, gain experience, build your portfolio and then look for a career change, this way you can establish yourself as a professional and look for higher positions and packages.


Start part-time business

With Amazon ATES training you will become an expert in the e-commerce business, so you will be able to sell products with ease. Grab few products on wholesale rate and start to sell on AMAZON & FLIPKART and earn profits. And you can start this business without setting up an office or a website. So simply start from your home.

A lot many sellers earn good profits by selling online on Amazon, provided you have in-depth knowledge of the platform. 

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